We will meet you at your home to discuss your ideas and proposals. We will give you free advice and explain what Frosty's can do for you. We may be able to survey the property at this time to avoid unnecessary future visits.


If you are in the very early stages or are just looking for affordability we can provide an estimate with a brief outline of what this could include. This is not a quotation and just an approximation.


Once we have drawings, structural calculations and specifications we will provide you with a free quotation. This will be detailed, broken down outlining the proposed work and what materials we will be supplying. If however you are still missing information as this stage we can include provision costings and change these to fixed costs at a later stage


We will provide you with a work schedule so you will know the dates of when key stages of work will be happening. We will also provide you with a payment schedule which will run along side the work schedule. If you wish we can give you a link to our live project management tool which will show you the progress of your project weekly. 


If you do not have drawings and would like us to provide these we can arrange for an architect to visit your home to survey the property and discuss your proposed home alteration. We will then supply you with a first draft of planning drawings and discuss any further changes/alterations before we submit the drawings to your local Council Planning office.

Once planning has been approved the architects will draw up further detailed drawings and accompanying notes for LABC approval.

Most but not all projects will require structural calculations. If your project requires structural alterations we will instruct a structural engineer to supply calculations and drawings to be included with the building regulations.


We will inform you of the progress at each stage and meet if necessary to discuss any issues that may arise.